Hardey Beitz

Hardey first fell in love with Audi while he was a valet at a hotel in high school. He then started working as a lot technician for an Audi dealership, which then helped put him through the Audi Academy. In 2005 he finished Audi Academy First in his Class, with a 4.0 GPA, and perfect attendance. His next stop was an Audi dealership in Montana. There, Hardey worked his way to Magna Recognition as an Audi Technical Specialist. After a few years, he realized how much he missed his home town, and the Colorado ski slopes, so he made his move back to Parker. He found a job at an independent Audi repair facility in Denver. A shop that had tried to finish the Pikes Peak Hill Climb 3 times in their A4 Hill-climb car, only to leave with a disappointing DNF each time. In 2005, Hardey helped them build a more reliable Hill-climb car and they finished first in the class. At this point, Hardey realized that he wanted to have a closer relationship with his customers and decided to open his own shop in Parker. He opened shop later that year. In his spare time, Hardey enjoys skiing, anything football and spending time with his wife and kids.